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Business advantage

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Enterprise Advantage

In recent years, the company’s national layout has successively established eight main material production bases and ten accessory material manufacturing bases in Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guangxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Beijing and other places, and has cooperated with many large-scale furniture , Flooring and branded board manufacturers have reached a long-term strategic partnership. The company is actively exploring the international market and increasing the layout of overseas sales outlets. Now it has 25 high-speed printing lines, 40 fully automatic dipping lines, 8 PVC wood grain film production lines, and continuous high-pressure long-period multi-layer paving machine (5,000 tons). Level) 5 sets, German Winconner cabinet door manufacturing equipment.

Annual production capacity of main products: 3,000 tons of ink, 30,000 tons of decorative paper, 300 million square meters of impregnated paper, 30 million square meters of PVC film, 5 million square meters of fire-resistant panels for tooling and 500,000 square meters of cabinet door materials , Its production capacity and market share are among the best in the industry.

Business advantage
Product advantages

Product advantage

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Product Advantage

Impregnated paper and PVC decorative film have the same style and color, perfect matching

The decorative lines of Jiashijia are covered with PVC coating film in the same style and the same color. The lines are beautiful and smooth, which meets the requirements of the whole house customization and interprets the bright visual effects of the whole house custom home.

Commonly used for density board, ecological board and particle board, the same style and color

Jiashijia decorative paper has adopted a new process, and the products are commonly used in MDF, ecological board and particle board, and the finished products are the same style and color.

Clean aldehyde antibacterial functional impregnated paper

The clean aldehyde antibacterial series products not only have low formaldehyde content, they can also purify the formaldehyde released by other products and solve the indoor pollution problem.

Service advantage

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Service Advantage

Adhering to the purpose of serving only high-quality home furnishings, Jiashijia focuses on serving mid-to-high-end customers and brand enterprises. Its products have been widely sold in domestic and foreign markets, and have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers. Jiashijia industry supporting logistics system, supporting the entire industry chain, starting from your location as the center, preferably the nearest Jiashijia branch company to provide you with thoughtful supply services. Create a healthy space with quality, decorate the world with heart!

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